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GDP Global workshop at the Annual Investment Meeting 2019 (AIM) 7 April, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

WorkshopHow to Develop Successful City Region Economies

Sunday, 7th April 2019

10:00 – 13:00  

“Why your country should be promoting city/region knowledge economies – best practices explained. Workshop by GDP Global.”

As the recent UNCTAD FDI World Investment Report indicates, countries cannot completely rely on achieving economic growth through FDI alone. Other sustainable and integrative policies, strategies and programmes will be hugely important, especially for the emerging/developing economies.

TREND: According to the UN World Urbanization Prospects just half of the world’s 7.9 billion people live in cities.  By 2050, when the global population is expected to reach nine billion, an estimated two-thirds of all people will live in cities. Global citizens are now beginning to experience the full impact of the digital and information economy –  the 4th Industrial Revolution.  New technologies are progressing faster than most of us can imagine; so much so that it is difficult to anticipate how the future will look – the downsides and job/economic losses compared with economic upsides that could benefit us all.

So, what should cities be doing to ensure they can compete for talent, stay relevant globally and find their competitiveness niche positions?

This workshop will cover the following points:

1. Enabling policies and programmes to create competitive city regions.

2. Examples of best practice in placing city regions on the international world map for global trade and investment.

3. The seven economic programmes that all city regions need to deliver; from infrastructure to innovation.

Venue: Meeting Room – TBA

Language: English

Other: The workshop is free of charge to AIM2019 participants. Participants are advised in advance that this workshop will be video recorded, for playback on the internet and in online learning tools.


April 7, 2019
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GDP Gobal Development
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