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GDP Global ha realizado más de 260 programas internacionales de capacitación

‘…el programa de desarrollo personal más inclusive y actualizado disponible hoy en promoción de inversión…

Comentarios de delegados que han participado en programas de GDP Global y en La Academia Europea de Desarrollo del Negocio.

Mohammad Lutfullah, Fondo para Clima de Inversiones, Bangladesh 
”A well-designed, comprehensive and pragmatic program for IP professionals and practitioners”

Kim Kackur, Invierta en Finlandia
”Excellent programme in order to get a broad insight into the world of investment promotion activities”

Patience Agbleze Acorlor, Ghana, Mesa Ejecutiva de Zonas Libres 
”Very informative”

Ka Chai Chan, Macao, Instituto de Promoción de Comercio e Inversiones 
”People interested in investment promotion should attend this (CIPP) programme”

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Zvi Lifshiz Director de Servicios de Inversión,  Invierta en Toranto

Husain Rajab, Bahrain, Mesa Ejecutiva de Desarrollo Económico

”The training course was very comprehensive, inspiring, strategic and professional with strong message delivery capacity”

Farouk Yesufu, Wesgro
”Thanks for the training programme. It has had a tremendous impact on the way we deal and the way we work here at Wesgro”

Lorraine Tarisai, Cape,  Iniciativa TI
”I would like to commend GDP Global for compiling a superb programme and delivering it to such a high standard. The practical workshops were excellent!!”

Anne MacColl, Scottish,  Desarrollo Internacional 
”Lots of excellent and thought provoking imputation, delivered by highly informed and very professional consultants”

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Mohammed Bukhari Banco Islámico del Desarrollo, ITAP Program

Lewis Scott, SEEDA
”Excellent opportunity to compare and contrast your IPA with others, and to learn from other investment professionals and avoid complacency”

Belinda Lindana Vabaza, Corporativo de Desarrollo del Este de Cape
”Besides being a training program, it is a networking session. It has given me the toolkit I need to make IP contribute to the economy to our country. The practical expectations enhance the value of the course. One immediately applies what has been learnt”

Vesna Stajic. SIEPA
”Excellent organization of programme, very good presentations”

Shanaaz Ebrahim, Departamento de Comercio y Economía, Sudáfrica 
”Excellent practical insight of ‘investors world”

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Hasan Pehlivan Consejero Principal del Presidente, Turkey

Moraki Mokgosana, Botswana IFSC
”Very glad to have been on this course as it is very useful in assisting in investment promotions activities and strategies. Great opportunity to evaluate our strategy thinking process and to develop goals”

Reifqah Jappie, Wesgro
”Informative, practical and participatory”

Lucia Cherinda, Alta Comision para Mozambique
”The size in terms of participation, allowed flexible interaction”

Raida Alwan, Bahrain,  Mesa Ejecutiva de Desarrollo Económico 

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Dolly Kandume, Director de Promoción de Inversión, Namibia

Salvatoris Queen Vincent, Comercio e Inversión, Kwa Zulu Natal
”Excellent – It covered the core functions of running IPA”

Ala Abdulaziz Hamza, Bahrain,  Mesa Ejecutiva de Desarrollo Económico 
”The programme covered all areas of Investment Promotion; very detailed, with valid information and examples. Must attend, outstanding training programme”

Monika Smejkalova, Invierta en República Checa  
“Very well diversified and completely met my expectations”

Kim Kackur, Invierta en Finlandia
”Excellent programme in order to get a broad insight into the world of investment promotion activities”

Christian Watts” width=”508″ height=”” />

Christian Watts Director Regional  IMEA, Suiza

Ann Sofie” width=”508″ height=”” />

Ann-Sofie Jonsson Consejero de Inversiones, Invierta en Suecia