GDP Global’s competitive benchmarking programmes allow our client agencies to obtain an accurate and honest understanding of their current situation and performance. It is the pre-requisite to better internal team processes, investor sales and servicing, and successful implementation of new promotion strategies.

Our successful IPA Performance Benchmarking Programme has become GDP Global’s trademark, providing independent feedback to hundreds of agencies since 2001. With both custom and standard participation options IPA Performance Benchmarking is a best practice tool that is useful to most agencies, and affordable to all.

Zones Benchmarking has also proved extremely valuable to our zones promotion clients. It assesses the current and future status of special economic zones, identifies best practices in zones promotion; clearly identifies the infrastructure and marketing requirements for any special economic zone.

GDP Global’s exclusive Asset Benchmarking programme provides the complete view for any economic promotion organisation. It focuses at the factors crucial to the efficiency of an organisation in terms of their respective roles, resources, stakeholder relations, strategies and programmes, results and budgets and return of investment.