Corporate Consulting

GDP provides consulting services to corporate investors. We are able to provide cost-effective and timely consulting, on both short term and longer duration projects. GDP’s specialised team is available to you for as long as you need. Our consultants offer many years of international corporate experience in a broad range of business areas.

The research team will uncover your opportunities as they exist today. Our services are charged on terms that suit you, ranging from regular monthly fees to success fees and equity participation.

Our services are grouped into these main categories:

Corporate marketing strategies, which includes:

  • Market analyses
  • Innovative diversification strategies and
  • Preparation of business plans

Market development strategy, which includes:

  • Global location search
  • Sector analyses
  • Negotiating investment incentives
  • Business and technology partnering and acquisition
  • Raising private finance
  • Identification of specialist business advice
  • Establishing in the new market

Below are examples of just a few of the corporate assignments our consultants have worked on during the last three years. In each case we have offered our services either free of charge, or on a retainer and success fee basis:

  • Search strategy for prospective acquisition targets in European materials recycling for a US company
  • Financing a business and market entry for a European engineering company
  • Investigation into offshoring of floriculture facilities for a Dutch grower
  • Benchmarking of competitive economic zones for an Australian bank
  • Identification of high net worth individuals for a major UK bank, private banking division
  • Assisting a specialised furniture manufacturer to enter the UK market

Some case studies are:

Location studies in UK and Germany for US manufacturer

A substantial US engineering company, market leader in N America, is eyeing expansion possibilities in Europe . We have helped the president and his team to identify aquisition targets in the UK and Germany , and advised on matters relating to incorporation and corporate finance.

Market development plans for Indian software company

This IT solutions provider has grown rapidy and has secured substantial business in Europe. We have offered the company access to key IT influencers and decision makers in the UK’s leading plcs.

Cost effective expansion plans for Dutch horticulture companies

We have identified several Dutch growers that are keen to speak with our government agency client. The opportunities to move and extend business operations from the Netherlands are now being investigated.

Distribution strategies for US and European manufacturers

We have advised several international companies in high tech manufacturing and in business services about the options for extending their distribution throughout target countries in Europe.

Raising finance for European technology start-up companies

In several cases we have worked with agents for small technology start-up companies, searching for a European base of operations, access to finance, technology partners and customers. Our specific role has included the evaluation of the best locations and sources of finance for these projects, and introducing the companies to sources of venture capital.

Market testing for Swedish Charitable Foundation

Our role was first to evaluate the likely potential for the successful Swedish charity. Approaches were then made to the UK Charities Commission, other related charities and also to potential sources of financing for the charities. Detailed start up and promotional programmes were complemented with support in identification of potential charity president and commissioners, together with key worker search programmes.