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We hope to welcome you soon to one of our compelling online courses.

The workplace is evolving

GDP is constantly anticipating the emerging requirements of people and organisations. There is a widespread desire to embrace new learning technology. GDP is on a mission to help economic promotion clients, both in government and the private sector, around the world to develop the skills that they need to be fully effective in their roles.

About GDP KnowHow

GDP Global offers a broad selection of its training courses for remote online learning access. The development team at GDP KnowHow has produced courses from high-resolution recordings of live training sessions going back several years. They provide an authentic experience of classroom based learning. Today more and more eLearning content is designed specifically for online use. Still, it is delivered by the distinguished GDP training faculty of expert trainers in investment promotion, trade promotion, economic policy, international trade, international finance and foreign direct investment.

Which eLearning courses are offered?

We have more than 90 eLearning modules that are also packaged in to popular courses in economic development, investment promotion, export promotion and other topics. So, if you want to learn about “The Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights” or ‘Investor Development and Servicing’ or ‘Trade Promotion Essentials’ to ‘Digital Marketing in Investment Promotion’ and “Marine Insurance in International Trade“– GDP KnowHow will be the right solution for you.

Why online learning is the way to go

There are many reasons for the increasing success of new forms of training. The present travel and meeting restrictions brought about by COVID-19 have severely reduced opportunities for meetings and training events. In addition, the power and universality of the internet and information technology makes it easy to learn online. This is coupled with the increasing need for specialised training for professionals of various disciplines who are working in the knowledge economy.

GDP Global’s online learning resource GDP KnowHow is an innovative solution to cover this need, at affordable cost while being globally accessible 24 hours a day – every day.

Other recognised benefits are that users are able to study at their own speed, whether at home or on the road (commuting, travelling). It is ideal for professionals working full-time. Each person can set their own study schedule, without losing time commuting to a classroom.

Imagine: you will never be late to a lecture again!

What does an online course look like?

You can sign up now and have a look at various free course materials yourself. Testing is the best way to get to know how this could support your learning needs in the coming 12 months.

  • Every GDP KnowHow course includes a high-resolution video recording of live training sessions.
  • Lecture videos are professionally edited with on-screen comments and highlighting.
  • In addition you will be provided with downloadable learning materials and templates that can be used directly in your job.
  • A video index helps you to keep track of where you are in a learning video.
  • Once you have completed a learning video with the corresponding learning materials you can test your learning outcome with an online quiz that refers to the video you have just seen.
  • Regular GDP KnowHow eLearning courses start on a monthly basis. eLearning is supported with regular live web tutorials with the training team, so that you can put your queries directly to the experts.
  • Team interaction is also encouraged in set GDP KnowHow courses, working on assignments together, thereby sharing experiences on problem solving and innovative thinking.
  • Regular GDP KnowHow courses also contain options to participate in classroom programmes, held throughout the year in different parts of the world.

Training accreditation

Several GDP KnowHow courses are accreditated through the City & Guilds (C&G), a global leader in skills development for more than 140 years. This accreditation reaffirms the achievement that learners have attained through successful course participation and well as the completion of written exams and assignments. Certification not only provides you with a noted achievement that can support your personal and career development. It also opens up an array of other eLearning opportunities through the C&G network, in both technical and managerial subjects, and in every part of the world.

Course catalogue and what’s coming next

Access our Course Catalogue or contact us for further information on the courses offered.

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