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GDP Global is now offering a broad selection of its training courses for remote online learning access. The development team at GDP KnowHow produced courses from high-resolution recordings of live training sessions delivered by the distinguished training faculty of the GDP Network.

There are many reasons for the increasing success of new forms of training. Important factors are the global spreading of the internet and information technology, coupled with the increasing need for specialised training inputs for professionals of various disciplines. gdpknowhow is an innovative tool to cover this need, at affordable cost while being globally accessible 24 hours per day – every day. Other recognised benefits are that users are able to study at their own speed, whether being at home or on the road (commuting, travelling). It is ideal for professionals working full-time as you can have your own study schedule and do not lose time commuting to a classroom – imagine: you will never be late to a lecture again!

You can sign up now and have a look at various free course material yourself (follow instructions on left side of this page). Signing up is quick, easy and the best way to get to know the product. Generally, every course includes a high-resolution video recording of live training sessions. Lecture videos are professionally edited with on-screen comments and highlighting. In addition you will be provided with downloadable slide material, including a video index so you never lose track of where you are in the video (and if you want you can always go back a few minutes – which should be easier than in a physical classroom setting!). Once you completed a video with the corresponding material you will get the chance to test your learning outcome with an online quiz that refers to the video you have just seen.

If you want to learn about ‘Investor Development and Servicing’ or ‘Trade Promotion Essentials’ to ‘Digital Marketing in Investment Promotion’ – GDP KnowHow is the right place for you. We are offering a broad range of courses from the fields of economic development and investment promotion. Have a look at our Course Catalogue for further information on the courses offered.

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