Investor Targeting, Opportunities Promotion and Meetings Agenda Arrangement for Missions

Our commitment

GDP Global addresses the issues and opportunities arising from international business strategies. We support countries and regions in their quest to achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth by increasing their participation in international business. We are strong believers that globalisation is here to stay:

  • Attracting foreign investment
  • Growing exports
  • Creating industry clusters and strengthening links with global value chains
  • Increasing international marketing and business development

GDP Global’s Investfdi* is our foundation for smart FDI lead generation

  1. GDPData

Data solutions tracking tomorrow’s global markets and companies

  1. GDPBaseCamp

Long-term Europe representation of regions, cities and countries

  1. GDPLeads

Qualified investment leads, developed for our clients *Foreign

  1. GDPMeetings

Business development trips focused on qualified investment leads

Together GDPData, GDPLeads and GDPMeetings provide the integrated solution for your needs


GDPData: Available segmented database of potential investors to identify your ideal target company for promotion of foreign investments.

GDPLeads: Identification and selection of 250 investors in target markets. Then, opportunities for promotion and prequalification of interested potential investors; includes telephone calls and follow-up.

GDPMeetings: Securing 10 meetings in target markets (includes supporting documentation for the meeting – aspects to highlight of the company and the interest shown)


GDP Global has a segmented database of potential investors for continuous promotion of foreign investments.

GDPData is based on the main market databases including Thomson Reuters, Nikkei, Bloomberg, LexisNexis, D&B Hoovers’; it also uses specialized sources such as social networks, industry associations, chambers of commerce, as well as personal contacts of the team of GDP experts.

GDPData principles

Our proven market intelligence system follows a three-dimensional approach to rating companies regarding their investment potential, thanks to the application of a selection of up to 20 filters available in GDPData.

Together with our clients, we establish specific criteria to be used in the identification, segmentation and prequalification of the list of investment prospects.

The result is a pre-qualified list of potential investors on which the promotion and marketing efforts will focus.


It consists of a direct and relational four-step marketing process that seeks to introduce investment opportunities to target companies, generating genuine interest and investment consultations for our clients.

Campaign Planning

We will:

  • Segment candidate businesses
  • Identify key decision makers
  • With you, create string FDI messages for each lead profile, and convert this into the FDI promotion script
  • Deliver to you the outline company profile of the target leads list: company name, sector description, website and decision-maker


  • Implement a proposition-based marketing campaign

o Direct contact through email and telephone

o Meaningful value propositions

  • Contact target companies to confirm high-value leads
  • Investor outreach will be carried out by our experienced team of senior business developers based in the UK

Relationship Building

  • Several interactions by email and telephone
  • Pre-qualify the investment project in line with the characteristics of qualified prospects
  • Support enquiry management provide timely and relevant information

Qualify Prospects

  • Profile the investment opportunity

o Company information

o Investment project description

  • Conduct a conference call

o Qualified prospects approval

o Investigate triggers in

o decision making and information requirements

  • Provide company meeting1
  • Full meeting support during the mission1

GDPLeads strategy

GDPLeads uses the concept of proposition-based marketing to generate an introductory material for highly specific investment opportunities for each priority sector / industrial subsector. Jointly with our clients, we formulate assertive and relevant messages to initiate contact with potential investors.

The rationale behind GDPLeads approach is that the generation of a limited list of well researched and segmented companies, together with a one-to-one approach with personalized sales arguments, increases the response rate and consequently the investment conversion ratios.

*Powerful Direct Marketing Campaign (e.g., 1,000) – mail, then call, follow-up by mail

**Direct Marketing campaign highly focused and selective (e.g., 50-200) – call, followed by email and telephone follow-up


GDPMeetings is our solution for organizing meetings with potential high-value investors, prior to participating in trade missions and / or attending international fairs and conferences. The one-to-one meetings we arranged allow us to maximize the impact of attending or organizing events and increasing the possibilities of establishing meaningful business relationships.

Our objective is to identify prospects that not only respond to the desired investor profile, but also have a genuine interest in investing and doing business in their region.

GDP Global not only schedules the meetings, but we make an additional effort to ensure these meetings are productive, so we provide specific advice on each planned meeting: objectives, agenda, participants, arguments and messages.

If you need support during meetings, our team of business developers will be happy to accompany you!

GDP Global has a platform to arrange B2B meetings with potential investors.

We help you to present your investment opportunities to the right decision makers.

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