Desperate times need a plan – Post COVID economies – Download the plan NOW

The COVID-19 blog for Economic and Trade Promotion Organisations

Business decisions and government priorities need to be completely rewritten in the coming months.

First in Asia, then  Europe and North America, and now in Southern Africa, Latin America, and Australia, Covid 19 has spread relentlessly, infecting 20 million people worldwide as of the second week of August. Governments have been forced to take previously unimaginable decisions to control the impact on their people and health services and limit the resulting economic damage. In Europe, there are signs of a second spike after a cautious emergence from lockdown; in other parts of the world the pandemic has yet to peak. In most places, normal life is on hold pending the development of a safe and effective vaccine that is available to all.

As a leading, specialised economic promotion consultancy and trusted adviser to governments and investment promotion agencies, GDP Global offers this assessment of the impact of Covid 19 coupled with a nine point plan for economic promotion agencies about how to respond to the economic challenges posed by the pandemic.

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Last updated: GDP Global, 12 August 2020