FDI Prospects and the Impact of Disruptive Technologies Webinar: 29 Oct 2020

FDI Prospects and the Impact of Disruptive Technologies

Date: 29-October-2020
Time: 2.30pm (SAST)
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes.

As part of our webinar series on investment and trade promotion and economic policy, this webinar discussed the current issues facing those making policy choices in a COVID environment, specifically within South Africa.


Josef Neumeier, Associate Director Economic Promotion at GDP Global
John Hanna, Director at GDP Global

Lance Schultz, CEO, Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC), Board Member GGDA.

Facilitator: Christina Knutsson, Director GDP Global

Webinar themes

  1. Trade and FDI flows and Prospects post-COVID 
  2. Best Practice Policy Actions 
  3. South & Southern Africa Responses at Policy and State Levels 
  4. Sector Prospects: Manufacturing
  5. Our Guide: Checklist and Prospects for South & Southern Africa Manufacturing Value Chains
  6. GDP Training with GDPKnowHow 

Our speakers shared case studies to help provide pragmatic policies and solutions for South Africa, especially in the ongoing COVID-19 environment.

Webinar audience

This webinar is of interest to officials and private individuals with an interest in promoting FDI and trade in South and Southern Africa including the dtic, InvestSA, TISA, provincial, city and SEZ promoters, national IPAs and ministries of the SADC member countries and private sector interests in investment and trade.