Trade Promotion

GDP provides trade promotion agencies with a range of support services. Each programme is tailored to the needs of the companies involved.

We identify the priority sectors for export opportunities in your region and help you to plan a strategy for the promotion of these opportunities.

We look for the potential trade partners for your local companies and introduce them to the potential buyers.

We organise missions of international buyers to your region, as well as organise outward missions in order to help your local companies to promote their products at the European market.

We run programmes to ensure companies are ready to do business internationally. In each case we assess the company’s readiness to do business internationally, as well as briefing companies on international targeting.

We offer a full range of training and preparation programmes. Please see our training pages for more details on our training services.

A key part of our service is to run company matchmaking schemes, linking visiting companies to prospective business partners, suppliers or customers. We also represent companies at trade shows, if direct participation is not possible.