Smart Cities of The Future Webinar: 21 July 2020

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As part of the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) our team were really pleased to be part of an exciting webinar.  John Hanna & Paul Whiteway of GDP Global joined by Mani James, Senior Vice President of Frost & Sullivan discuss what smart cities of the future will look like.

They covered topics such as:

  • Pandemic affected urban environments: implications for the future of work, the workplace and society.
  • How smart cities use the latest technologies to drive new solutions for urban safety and overall quality of life, economic development, waste disposal, sustainable supplies of potable water, green urban planning, transportation, knowledge work environments.
  • Critical success factors for the successful implementation of smart cities in the post-pandemic era.
  • Policies and technologies to drive solutions: the roadmap for 10- year Smart City transformation. Case studies of cities in Central Asia, India, Europe and elsewhere.
  • How smart city environments can attract diverse FDI projects in various forms.


You should watch this webinar if you are:

– An urban and property developers
– A City economic promotion executives
– Are involved in long term planning as a policymaker or regulator
– Work within National and regional investment and trade promotion
– A tech business executives

We join the playback as Paul discusses the concept of Smart Cities and the policy implications and hear from John as he shares critical success factors as well as talks you through insightful case studies.

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