9 Reasons

GDP Global’s IPA Performance Benchmarking Programme 2017/18, which is now in its 15th year, continues to provide insights into global best practice. IPA Performance Benchmarking is unique in 9 key respects:

  1. It is the first and only large scale, multi-client, low cost, continuous monitoring programme of national, regional and city agencies.
  2. IPAs are assessed on an opt-in basis, i.e. only on receipt of formal authorization of an executive director of the agency.
  3. It provides a complete picture of economic promotion best practice, in agencies of both developed and developing countries.
  4. The programme is fully customizable by clients that wish to participate in the programme.
  5. It is conducted in several languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and French.
  6. The best practice components are fully custom-searchable by participating agencies.
  7. Results from IPA Performance Benchmarking can be related to other GDP Global benchmarking programmes that address key issues such as organization assets and remits, economic development strategies, organization resources, market economic profile.
  8. The results and elements of best practice discovered in each programme are disseminated through a series of public training programmes and workshops; also in client specific workshops.
  9. It operates independently of any multilateral organization, and is financed, in the main, by the agencies themselves. That makes it extremely versatile, realistic and useful.

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