Asset Benchmarking

The Organisation Asset Benchmarking is a new scheme in which we are trying to meet the information sharing interests of many agencies. We look at many factors crucial to the efficiency of an organisation in terms of their respective roles, resources, programmes, results and budgets.

The Organisation Asset programme is unlike any other comparative benchmarking programmes:

  • Multi Client- Unlike small scale programmes involving 5-10 organisations.
  • Organisation Asset Benchmarking will provide data on dozens of international organisations categorised to provide for insightful evaluation, international best practice and future trends.
  • Low Entry Cost – Price to access the data and analyses are 70-80% less than for similar reports from other consulting firms.
  • Every organisation can afford to access this hugely valuable data source.
  • It is Your Database: Each organisation can enter their own data. Comparative data from other organisations then becomes accessible, on a share basis, real time, when it becomes available.

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