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GDP Global leads on economic benchmarking. We assess best practices in infrastructure development and the marketing of special economic zones; the “asset base” of investment promotion agencies and other organisations, and how this relates to performance. The GDP Global Zones Database of special economics zones (SEZs) is drawn from intensive study of zone resources, zone management, zone incentives, zone marketing and services. In the last 3 years around 100 SEZs in almost 30 countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe have been assessed and/or benchmarked for best practice. Since 2001 we have been assisting clients with high tech and special economic zones and infrastructure, together with business development and consulting services. Client specific assignments which have had a direct relation to zones development, financing, benchmarking and marketing include:

  • United Arab Emirates, Lithuania, Fiji, South Africa: Zones development benchmarking.
  • Bangladesh: zones development and promotion.
  • India: SEZ development benchmarking for major real estate developer.
  • German state industrial zone development: new technology zones benchmarking, investor intentions survey, zone masterplan development, marketing feasibility.
  • Gulf client: Special economic zones and labour market reviews in the Middle East and Asia for a Gulf client.
  • German regional technology zone: zone development models, park visit programme, international marketing strategy development, global benchmarking, global partner search.

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