Client Experiences

Just some of the feedback from IPA senior managers and directors whose agencies have taken part in a Benchmarking Programme.

Head of Business Development, Nordic city region agency

It’s great – now we know exactly where and how to improve our performance!

Head of Business Development, UK regional development agency

Thanks very much for this – food for thought!

Principal Project Officer, Australian city

Thanks once again for the opportunity to participate and we have received a lot of valuable feedback from our report which we intend to use to build on our success in this round.

General Manager, European national IPA

Benchmarking between similar Agencies is always a superb tool to compare” CEO, Australian City investment attraction agency – “Thanks for the detailed feedback”.

CEO, National European IPA

This (the report) is very sad news….my aim, as a new CEO, was to extend the benchmark study beyond our general enquiry desk …and also have the more extensive options done to reveal the efficiency of our procedures. If anything this decision (to extend the benchmarking) has proved to be worthwhile.

MD, European national IPA

Thank you very much for the report!

Acting DG Australian state and regional development department

We have found the comments in the report very relevant and useful

Director of Investment, European national IPA

The results were hard to swallow – a shock to the system. But we have responded with system-wide changes and the (Performance) issues are now resolved.

Manager Investment Promotion, Australian state department

Overall we are very happy with the Study, not just in terms of our result, but also the quality and detail of the information in the Study. We look forward to participating in future studies

President, European national IPA

…On behalf of our entire staff, I would like to thank you and the GDP Global team for the IPA Benchmark Report. We were pleased to see an affirmation of our business strategy and teamwork in the results and our overall positioning. This positive feedback will help us to continue our work and create jobs in our country.

Director of Investment – UK city region

An excellent piece of work and great feedback for our team. We will use the results as a step by step guide to improving our systems, procedures and competitive edge in the coming months.

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